Baking Courses

Our aim from the baking course is to provide you with the knowledge and confidence to bake delicious and healthy bread with confidence at home.
The baking courses are for a maximum of six participants in the relaxed atmosphere in our bakery. The courses are run by Rami who will share his knowledge gained from milling and baking over the past nineteen years.


The course price includes a Watermill apron, recipes, lunch and refreshments, a 1.5kg bag of flour and of course all your baking!


Bread Baking Course

This course is designed for people who have never baked before or who have very little experience in bread making. A perfect opportunity to discover more about traditional baking methods. Whether you are a complete novice or already have a little experience, this will provide you with the confidence and ability to bake a wonderful variety of breads.


During the day you will learn about different types of flour and yeast, kneading techniques, proving and baking.

May 16th - May 23rd - Sept 5th - Sept 19th - Oct 3rd


Bread Baking Course

This course is suitable for anyone who already has a basic knowledge of bread making and would like to further their skills. During the day you will learn more about Sourdough, different flours and techniques to build on your expertise.

The aim is to build on your expertise and to produce a wider range of interesting products.

May 17th - May 24th - June 20th - Sept 6th -Sept 20th - Oct 4th


Bread Baking Course

If you bake bread regularly and would like to expand the variety of breads which you bake, then the advanced course would be for you. You will learn how to bake with different types of grain, sourdough and, most importantly, become confident to try new varieties in baking.

This course is a natural progression for anyone who has completed our Intermediate baking course.

Jun 21st


“After the brilliant success of last year, this year's had a lot to live up to! Once again an excellent day. Everyone was so quickly at ease, it was like having a baking day with your friends, but with a personal tutor alongside!” 

Morag Galloway